SECON has a rich history of forming joint ventures and partnerships with leading national and international firms, to provide world-class solutions to our clients.

In seeking formal business relationships, SECON focuses on firms with successful project track record over an extended period with clients, commitment to customize solutions to meet clients’ needs and a history of open and transparent communication.


For projects in India

  • Airborne Photo, LiDAR and Geophysical mapping
  • Irrigation, Flood Control and Water Management
  • Mass Transit Systems.
  • Public Health Engineering and innovative solutions for Liquid and Solid waste management
  • Expressways design and construction management and supervision
  • Land Administration and establishment of Property Ownership Records and GIS Based Land Information Systems

For global projects:

  • Outsourcing of Civil Engineering Design Services
  • Outsourcing of Geospatial Data compilation and GIS/CAD software development services

SECON Partnerships:

Helica, Italy for Aerial and Mobile Mapping projects in India

JBA Consulting, UK for Flood Management projects in India

Group PHB, Canada for Aerial Mapping projects in India

Aries Aviation, Canada for Aerial Surveys and Aerial Geophysical surveys in India

ESRI Business Partner: SECON has established business partnership with ESRI, a leader in GIS Software. SECON is also a member of the ESRI Developer Network(EDN)

Autodesk Member of Autodesk Developer Network (ADN)

In the past partnered with WSP, Sweden ( WSP SECON Joint Venture) to carry out Project Management and General Management, Institutional Support and Capacity building, Training, Specific Technical skills in Transportation, Civil works, Environment, Detailed Feasibility study and Detailed Engineering of National Highway and State Roads in all the union of states of India. The Joint Venture has carried out design consultancy & has executed construction supervision of roads for a value of US$ 6.3 Million